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Q: How important is landscaping my home?
A: Landscaping can add significantly to the value and appeal to your home.

Q: Is there such a thing as too much fertilizer?
A: Too much fertilizer can cause burning in yards.

Q: Is grass height important?
A: Mowing at the wrong height can affect your yards growth.

Q: What should I use for mulch?
A: Certain leaves can act as organic fertilizers if properly mulched up.

Q: How often should I water my lawn? Is there a better time of day to water?
A: Depends on how nice you want your lawn to look once a day. Early morning or evening.

Q: No matter what I do, I can't seem to grow a healthy lawn, what should I do?
A: Start over with new soil, and seed/sod.

Q: Should I consider a patio or deck?
A: Decks require a lot of maintenance. Patios do not. You can add Fire pits & other amenities to your patio.

Q: I am on a limited budget but really want to improve the look of my yard. Is it possible to purchase landscape or hardscape services in stages?
A: Yes, we offer a variety of services & payment plans.

Q: My landscaping has really not been maintained over the years. Is it possible to renovate what I have instead of doing a complete makeover?
A: Yes, takes a lot of hard work but it can be done at minimal cost.

Q: Does it matter what types of plants, flowers, bushes or trees I plant in my yard?
A: It really does matter in terms of the amount of sun and shade each plant gets, what type of area you wish to create with the trees or bushes being planted, the amount of care and maintenance you wish to commit to, the type of soil you have, the topography of your property, just to name a few.

Q: Does it matter who performs work on my property?
A: It really does matter. To ensure quality work which is performed in a timely fashion, it is very important the contractor you choose has both the experience and equipment needed to complete the job properly?

Lack of experience or equipment can lead to improperly completed work and substantial delays. In many cases this means you will be redoing the job much sooner than necessary.

Don't forget to obtain proof of insurance prior to any work beginning.

Most important, get it in writing!

Q: Should I be required to pay for consultation or design work?
A: Unless you feel the need to engage an architect, you should never pay a consultation or design fee.

Q: Is having an annual clean up of my property really necessary?
A: Yes, without a thorough annual clean up the useful life of your landscaping will be reduced and the quality of your lawn, flowers and vegetation will be compromised.

Some people actually opt for a spring and fall clean up, depending upon the number and type of trees, bushes, flowers or vegetation on the property.